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Review of External Socket Kit


This page contains information about an external power socket kit bought from B&Q in January 2007 for just under 20.

Click the picture for a 1024x768 image.

If anyone buys this kit I suggest checking that the gland will assemble before leaving the B&Q car park. I had to use a scalpel, vaseline and two large spanners (took about an hour) to get the undersized nut on to the thread.

There was another (15) kit available but the socket included was only rated waterproof when the plug was
not inserted.

The latches which keep the lid closed look very vunerable - you have to squeeze the plastic to open the lid.

Contents of the kit

  • Powerbreaker IP56 socket
  • RCD
  • 5 metres 1.5mm2 flexible cable
  • 2 screws
  • 2 plastic wall plugs
  • Instructions

This is the Powerbreaker socket
with the backing box it sticks out about 3 1/2 inches
Close-ups of the latching "ears"


The supplied RCD is marked Greenbrook Electrical PLC. A single screw has to be removed to allow the lower section to slide down revealing the terminals. Rating is 230V 13A (30mA trip) The rear box with the undersized gland nut fitted - note the spanner marks The instruction sheet